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- Malsain (meaning of the name, short bio, discography, highlights, …):
“Malsain” is French for sick, disturbing. That’s the word that describes best the ambience in our music and that’s why it was chosen when I started the band in late 2001-early 2002. We come from Bergen, Norway which is a town who has seen the genesis of many big metal bands like Immortal, Enslaved, Burzum and Gorgoroth.
Our demo was released in January 2004, and we signed a contract with Dark Essence Records (Taake, Aeternus, Helheim,…) the same year. We released “They Never Die” in May 2005, and now “The Disease” in May 2007 both with Dark Essence.
- “The Disease” (rehearsing / writing process, recording process, label, …):
The album is a fine mix of new and older songs. It’s still extreme-metal with strong claustrophobic ambiences and raw female vocals, but the album is much longer and way better produced than the previous one. There is also more variations and more surprises throughout the opus.
The writing process was like on They Never Die: I composed the songs and then we arranged them together with the band to bring them to life. The recording and mixing process was quite long and took almost a year to complete. Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved) is a skilled producer and musician, that’s why he is very busy. But we are very happy with the result. The Disease sounds great!
- Lyrics (influences, subjects, ideas, messages, …):
We have never been into all that “Satan” concept and our subjects are usually the darkest corners of the mind, tainted with strong horror references. In “They Never Die” we chose very simple lyrics with a big touch of sarcastic and black humour. It seems like few understood the irony in them. “The Disease” is much deeper on the lyrical side, with more advanced texts and without any obvious meaning. Most of the songs here can be interpreted many different ways, and I don’t wish to explain what I meant when I wrote them in an interview. It could be an interesting discussion topic, though.
- Album frontcover / artwork (who, why, meaning, …):
The cover and artwork is a bit like the lyrics and the title of the album: it’s possible to understand it many different ways. Inside the booklet, everything is disease-related with background pictures of DNA samples, and with our profiles being presented as if we were part of the hospital staff. The general impression you get is a very cold one. The front cover and title is very simple but at the same time very strong and claustrophobic. Everybody knows about the symbolic of the light at the end of the tunnel, so in that sense “the disease” could be death. But a so simple picture actually contents several other hidden symbols and references that can give the album’s title a whole different meaning. As I said before, it’s up to you to find out about it.
- Live tour to promote the new record:
We’re actually working on setting up an European tour. We’d like to visit countries like France, Germany, England, Holland, and probably some others. Portugal will be nice! If some booking people read this, don’t hesitate to take contact. Keep checking our websites for updates on that matter anyway, as there is no concrete date right now.
- Musical (and other) influences:
Extreme-metal seems to be our main musical influences, even though we also listen to classical and electronic music. The 80’s and 90’s have been very innovative periods, so we prefer listening to metal from those years. There is not many bands today who come with something new, refreshing and interesting. So long this year, only 4 new albums really gave me something: the ones of Shining, Samael, Dødheimsgard and Abigor. The rest seems like a repetition of what has been done before, and even if it’s very good I’d rather listen to older records.
- Final Message:
Thanks for the interest, and see you on tour if we are so lucky to be playing at a place near you!
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