Vulture Industries - Entrevista

1 – Vulture Industries (origin and meaning of the band’s name, short bio with highlights, discography, etc):
The origin of the name VI one of two alternatives we came up with before the fist concert with this lineup. There was really no other reason for picking up that name other than we considered it cool and fit our music.
VI emerged from the remains of the gothic metal band Dead Rose Garden, after changing close to all of the members VI first appeared March 2004 at Piggtrådfestivalen, The Barb Wire Festival, in Bergen. Since then the EPs “The Enemy Within” 2004 and “The Benevolent Pawn” 2005 were released before the recording of The Dystopia Journals started. By that time VI was independent, no signing had yet been done, so the whole recording process was run by our vocalist and programmer, Bjørnar E. Nilsen.

2 – “The Dystopia Journals” (writing & recording process):
Some of the songs on TDJ are from the EPs, so the material dates back at least 3 years, but the newest songs are written and arranged during the recording process. The writing process usually starts out as sketches on Bjørnar or Øyvind’s computers, these are handed round to the other members for fine tuning and testing out. The next phase is the rehearsals room, trying out the different parts, fitting new and removing parts that don’t fit. We normally use a lot of time on this, so when we came to recording the last 3 songs they were not finished yet. So we spent a lot of time in studio trying the new stuff out and adjusting the sounds to fit the other recordes songs. The fist songs were recorded 2 and 3, starting out early august 2006, finishing the last songs close to summer 2007.

3 – Lyrics (influences, themes, messages…):
The lyrics is Bjørnar’s work, he has a huge interest in classic poets, especially those with the darkest or perhaps clearest views upon life I think, not that he is a gloomy guy himself, he is like the rest of us happy campers. But he has a vivid imagination, and comes up with the strangest thoughts. His ideas for the lyrics for TDJ came up by chance he says, there was this “I” person that showed up, turning the process into a kind of a concept-album. But that was never intended when he started out. I think the lyrics speak for themselves, but themes are struggle with inner demons and wish for individuality, the themes are complex but the messages are not hidden. One might interpret them individually, Bjørnar always says that people should think for themselves, and that is perhaps part of the message?

4 – Helge Jordal and the album frontcover:
When we were discussing what the album cover should look like, a lot of ideas were tossed around in the band, many of the ones we didn’t use were really good too, maybe we can use them on the future albums. Anyway, Bjørnar and Maja (who designed the album cover and booklet) came up with the idea of picturing a man so full of inner struggle that he ends up strangling himself.
It was Bjørnar’s idea to contacting Helge Jordal, who is an acclaimed actor here in Norway. He had both the face and skills to show the contrasts between the furious and anxious sides of the same man. I think he did an excellent job, and he was a very cool guy as well. I guess the song “Path of infamy” is the inspiration behind this whole concept.

5 – Musical and other kind of influences:
We all have different musical influences in the band; I for one have taken the standard road of a norwegian metalhead: started listen to Metallica, Megadeth and Sepultura at the age of 13, then moved over to more extreme metal, Satyricon, Dissection etc., then maybe eased up a bit when I got a bit older, really listening to everything from Mötley Crüe to Shooter Jennings.
Øyvind and Bjørnar writes most of the music on the album; I tend to think that Øyvind is a bit more into the death and black metal-scene, while Bjørnar is a bit more into the industrial/ horror/ weirdo-scene.. hehe. They both are prog heads though.

Many have compared us to Arcturus, mainly because of Bjørnar’s vocals and the experimental nature of the music. While I can understand that someone can think so, and myself and other members of VI likes Arcturus, I can assure you that this is not intentional. I don’t think we sound very similar, and Bjørnar can’t really sing any other way, the poor bastard J

6 – Dark Essence Records:
Dark Essence resides in our hometown of Bergen, and we know the guys running it, so this makes it easier to have a good contact with the label. They have really done a good job for us so far. I know that Bjørnar also has started cooperation with them, so this is positive for VI as well.

7 – Tour to promote the record:
We have played a number of concerts here in Norway after the album hit the shops. Bergen, Haugesund, Tromsø and Sandnes. We are also going to Oslo early next year. As that is about all the cities we have in Norway (hehe), we are doing a tour around Europe in March.. a total of 17 gigs I think, from Italy to the UK. That will be a blast!

8 – Final Message:
Thanx for giving us this interview! Hope you guys reading will check out our music, buy our album and go apeshit with us in concert! Check out our website (www.vulture-industries.net) for info about future concerts! Cheers!

Entrevistador: RDS
Entrevistados: Kyrre Teigen (bass) q. 1-3, Tor Helge Gjengedal (drums) q. 4-8.

Supreme Soul - Entrevista

1 – Supreme Soul (curta biografia, pontos altos, discografia, etc):
Os Supreme Soul são um grupo de pop/rock electrónico de Lisboa. Depois de alguns anos a produzirmos temas mais direccionados para as pistas de dança, decidimos o ano passado repensar a nossa sonoridade. Sentimos que era necessário caminhar em termos musicais para outras direcções. Surge então o Ep “Vision”, um marco muito importante para a banda, pois quando ouvimos o resultado final, especialmente nas rádios, sentimos que tínhamos atingido os nossos objectivos: um som mais pop/rock, sempre com a electrónica como pano de fundo.
Penso que “Love and shadows” é a consolidação do “Vision”, e representa igualmente o início de uma nova fase: os espectáculos ao vivo.

2 – “Love And Shadows” (processos de composição e gravação):
Relativamente ao processo de composição, os temas foram feitos com base em melodias vocais. Os arranjos e os ambientes sonoros eram criados de acordo com essa melodia (s) vocal e a carga metafórica que as letras transmitem.
A gravação dos temas é feita em tempo real tendo por base uma programação de ritmos, sendo utilizados variados instrumentos, tais como guitarra, piano e sintetizadores.

3 – Letras (influências, temas, mensagens):
“Love and shadows” representa os dois pólos extremos da vida: o amor e a sombra. O amor representa a extravagância, a pureza, o positivo, o expoente máximo da expressão humana. A sombra simboliza o obscuro, as nossas fraquezas e tentações, ou seja, o expoente máximo da fragilidade humana. Penso que as letras do Tiago vão de encontro a essa ideia: relações de amor, sentimentos de perda, etc.

4 – Capa do EP (quem, porquê, significado, …):
A capa do Ep foi elaborada pelo João. Achámos logo que era uma representação muito fiel ao conceito e à mensagem implícita nos temas. Os feixes de luz principais e as suas intersecções representam o amor. Os feixes de luz em segundo plano representam as sombras.

5 – Influências musicais e outras:
De uma maneira geral, sendo arte ou não tudo o que nos sensibiliza, influencia a música que fazemos.
De influências musicais “mais orgânicas” temos: joy division, new order, U2, nick cave and the bad seeds, sétima legião, heróis do mar, the cure, sonic youth, arcade fire, neil young, patti smith, pj harvey , The B`52s, rufus wainright...
De um espectro mais electrónico: depeche mode, kraftwerk, underworld, lcd soundsystem, fisherspooner, entre outros.
O Fado é também uma influência.

6 – Concertos de promoção ao EP:
Estamos a contactar alguns espaços musicais, e já estamos a trabalhar com uma promotora. Muito brevemente já teremos datas confirmadas.

7 – Mensagem final:
“Only love can save you from your own shadow”.

Entrevistador: RDS
Entrevistado: Susana Mogueira (guitarra, piano, voz)