Paradise Lost - Interview with Greg Mackintosh

1. Although this new record seems to be a blend of everything you did in the past, it is certainly a companionship to records such as “Gothic”, “Icon” or “Draconian Times”. When it comes to writing new songs, do you deliberately take a turn towards the type of album you want, or does it just come naturally?

Generally when I come to write a new album, I look at it from the point of view that we are a brand new band,have no history or releases and what do we want to hear right now.
I find that is the only way to have any enthusiasm for what we write.
If we thought too much about our past releases it would hinder the writing process in my opinion.

2. This is the first album with Adrian Erlandsson as a drummer, although he’s been playing with you for quite some time. What kind of input did he have in the record?

Well it was nice to be able to send tracks to him as and when they were written for him to mess around with and get used to.
Like you say,he has been with the band a while and apart from feeling very comfortable as part of PL now,he really wanted to make an impression as it was his first PL album,and I think he did that.

3. “Tragic Idol” was produced by Jens Bogren. It is not the first Paradise Lost album he’s involved in so, he’s quite familiar with your sound. The record sounds pretty much… Paradise Lost. Do you think it is important having a producer that actually knows the band (and the musical style at some extent), instead of a big name that will just impose his/her style into the music and, ultimately, ruin the record?

I think it is important that the producer listens to and understands the band,and then takes their sound and enhance it.
Too many "big name" producers at the moment don't have any interest in the band they are producing and just give them the "signature" production,which is bullshit as well as lazy.

4. There’s a promo video for the song “Honesty In Death” which shows some artistic work and care, instead of a regular “band in playback” kind of video. Tell me something about the production and shooting of this video.

Well I had worked with the director before on my other project Vallenfyre. So we saw his skill and vision on that. With PL we also had a bigger budget so we knew he would be able to do something special.
None of us are very into the usual metal performance video as it's just boring and overdone.
We like miniature movies. Especially miserable ones.
There was quite a big crew on the shoot which happened over 2/3 days in and around the area where we were formed.
I think the cinematography is beautiful and the acting is great.
It is probably my favourite PL video and I would love to work with Matt Green again sometime in the future.

5. Having such a long career, you experienced a little bit of everything in the music industry. From the tape-trading era to this mp3 file-sharing; from the traditional labels to the digital labels; from good will people to the malicious bastards… How do you see the evolution of music industry and the future for it?

Personally I think it has deteriorated significantly over the last decade. People generally don't buy music,know the names of songs,care about artwork or packaging etc.
When we started out our scene felt like a family. Now it seems very splintered and everyone is just into self promotion instead of helping each other out.
I just sound like a dinosaur moaning about the good old days.

6. There is a tour already aligned to promote this record. How is it going so far?

Earlier this year we did the first leg of a European tour,which was very successful but we had to then concentrate on summer festivals for a while. At the moment we are touring the states and as soon as we return we continue on the 2nd leg of the European tour which strangely enough begins with 2 shows in Portugal.

7. What are your plans for the future?

I try not to think too far ahead. I find it fruitless and depressing.

8. Do you want to leave a final message to the Portuguese fans?

See you on tour soon. Keep it fucking grim!!

Fénix #1013 – 09 / September / 2012 – Playlist

·         Black Sabbath – Symptom Of The Universe – Sabotage (1975)
·         Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself - Look At Yourself (1971)
·         Thin Lizzy – Massacre - Johnny The Fox (1976)
·         Rush – Anthem - Fly By Night (1975)
·         Warpig – Flaggit - Warpig (1973)
·         Alice Cooper - The Black Widow - Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)
·         Deep Purple - Child In Time - In Rock (1970)
·         Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven - IV (1971)
·         Sir Lord Baltimore - Hell Hound - Kingdom Come (1971)
·         Sam Gopal - Cold Embrace - Escalator (1969)
·         Motorhead – Bomber - Bomber (1979)
·         Armageddon - Paths And Planes And Future Gains - Armageddon (1975)
·         Black Widow - Come to the Sabbat - The Ultimate Sacrifice (1970)
·         Coven - Black Sabbath - Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls (1969)
·         Genesis - The Knife - Trespass (1970)
·         Journey - Wheel In The Sky - Infinity (1978)
·         Magnum – Invasion - Kingdom Of Madness (1978)
·         The Who - The Real Me - Quadrophenia (1973)
·         Rainbow - A Light In The Black - Rising (1976)
·         Kiss - Love Gun - Love Gun (1977)
·         The Stooges - T.V. Eye - Fun House (1970)
·         MC5 - Kick Out The Jams - Kick Out The Jams (1969)
·         Hawkwind – Levitation - Levitation (1980)
·         Goblin – Suspiria - Suspiria (1977)