Soilent Green - Interview

1 – New record, new label. How did you ended up signing with Metal Blade? Are you satisfied with their work with the band so far?
Very satisfied, they have done an amazing job for us. We had finished up our contract with Relapse and we both had a mutual feeling of wanting to part ways. A lot of the folks at Metal Blade have been fans for years, so they swooped in and we are completely happy with the change so far.

2 – Are you satisfied with this new album “Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction”, the songs, the recording process, production, final product?
Yeah we are very proud of the new record. The recording process was our smoothest ever. I was all just a real good time. WE had a lot of drama we had to come to terms with and this album was a way to leave all the negativity behind. A true cleansing.

3 – The album was produced by Erik Rutan. How did you ended up working with him? Are you satisfied with his work?
We are more than satisfied. We have been friends with Erik before he recorded us. We met him when we toured with Morbid Angel and hit it off. We talked then about recording us. Once we did Confrontation with him we knew would want to go back and this time it went even smoother. He has the ability to record the organic tones that we like. He is an awesome producer and friend.

4 – Your music is a blend of several styles, from Grindcore to Death, from Sludge to Southern Rock, from Punk to 70s Heavy Rock, and even some Funk Rock. Which bands do you listen to and influence you to write music for Soilent Green? And books? And movies?
I usually lately have been listening to anything but metal to get my influences. A lot of blues and r/b, also I’m a huge jazz fan. Al Green, Curtis Mayfield. Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Patton, Howling Wolf are a few of our favourites. Movies and books I read are not really direct influences on our music.

5 – “Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction” is a strange title (and so are the song titles). What does it means? What kind of subjects influenced you to write the lyrics for this record?
It is the basic idea of no hope. We have had a lot of drama in our history so at the time we had a feeling of why are we still doing this. We had to dig a little and realize why we even started, for the love of playing music. As far as the actual lyrics that is Ben’s department. I just write the music and let him do his thing.

6 – The cover artwork for this record is awesome but quite enigmatic. Who is responsible for the frontcover and what does it mean? Is it connected somehow with the lyrics?
The cover was done by John Van Fleet. He’s a huge icon in the U.S. comic industry. We are old comic nerds so it was an honour to work with him. It is connected somewhat to the concept of no hope. The actual cover is only one out of the three that John did for us. The girl in flight is connected to the very machine that is giving her that gift, symbolizing that no matter how hard you try you are set up for failure.

7 – Do you have a tour prepared to promote the record?
We have been on tour for about 9 weeks so far. We Played with Erik and Hate Eternal then went straight to Death Angel and Godforbid, And now we are with Dethklok. We are doing the only show of the Ozzfest too. We are really happy to be able be still be doing what we do twenty years in.

8 – You have now some space for a final message.
Well thank you for your time. And I guess just that if you did what we do then please if you have the chance come see us live. We like to pride ourselves as a live band and feel that is where we are most comfortable. Thanks again CHEERS!

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