COLLISION - Interview September 2012

1.       This is my first contact with your music but, as far as I know, Collision began as a straight-forward Grindcore band around 10 years ago, but then you started to introduce some other elements in your music, becoming a full-on Crossover act. Did you deliberately took a turn towards the type of sound you wanted, or did it just come naturally?
Actually we never played straight-forward grindcore, we always had our thrash metal, metalcore and hardcore influences. So I think it came naturally. We used a different writing method on this records, so we could spend some more time on the riffs. I think that’s the reason we used more thrash metal riffs. I still think there are some grindcore songs on our record, like “Zombified”!
2.       “A Healthy Dose Of Death” is pure old-school Crossover but it doesn’t sound retro at all. Can you tell me something about the recording process and who produced the record?
We recorded the album with Erwin Hermsen at the Toneshed Studio, where we always record our albums! We didn’t wanted to sound like a retro band, so we choosed for a dirty and brutal sound. I think Erwin did a great job! I just heard the test pressing from the LP version and this even sounds better : - ).
3.       The lyrics are far more humorous than the usual stuff in the Grind / Crust / Punk / Metal scenes. Can you lead us into a quick explanation of some of the lyrics included in this record?
Actually we tried political and social lyrics, but that didn’t worked out very well. In my opinion our lyrics must be fun and violent. We also have an anti-war song on each album, this time it’s ‘Dose Of Death’. Don’t take our lyrics too serious : - ).
4.       You manage to maintain intact your various influences which are, mostly, old-school. Are you still listening to all those old-school records or are you more into discovering new bands and sounds? Which albums would you recommend from the classic/cult stuff to the new releases?
I love to discover new bands! Most old school classic albums I listened too much so I need some new fuel haha. Bands I like at the moment are Dead In The Dirt, Black Breath, Pig Destroyer, Torche, Warfuck and so on. Old school bands I love are Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Dropdead, Repulsion, Nasum, Slayer (ofcourse!), Disrupt and a lot more. But besides this extreme stuff I also enjoy listening to some good old hardrock. Some of my favourites are Mötley Crüe, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and a lot of more. I can talk for hours about these bands haha.
5.       There’s a resurgence of this type of Thrash / Hardcore / Punk kind of blend with such bands as Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, ao. What do you think of this new wave of Thrash / Crossover bands?
I think it’s pretty cool that the old school style is popular! From the bands you mention I only listen to Municipal Waste haha. I saw Gama Bomb a few times live and I enjoyed their energy and live performance… but after them it was time for Exodus and they blew everybody away.
6.       Is there a tour already aligned to promote this record?
Not really, we did a mini tour across France and next weekend we are going to do some shows in Holland. Because of our jobs it is difficult to tour for a whole week, so we try to do some mini tours. I would love to play different countries in Europe that we never played like Italy, Portugal, Spain etc.
7.       What are your plans for the future?
Playing more, recording a new record etc. Plans like every band has I think. We are also working on a new split single, more info about that you will find on our website within a few weeks.
8.       That’s all for now, congratulations for such a killer record. Do you want to leave a final message to the Portuguese metalheads?
Thank you very much for the support! Keep enjoying metal, keep buying albums and visit shows… je bil is een krokodil!

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