Heretic - Interview October 2012

1.         Hello Brian, how are you? First of all, what made you reform Heretic after an insanely long hiatus (1989 if I’m not mistaken)? Can you introduce the musicians for this new line-up?

- Founder/myself Brian Korban – guitar (Reverend), Torture Knows No Boundry era vocalist Julian Mendez (Stone Soldier), Glenn Rogers – guitar (Hirax, Deliverance...), Angelo Espino – bass (Reverend, Hirax, Anger As Art, Bitch...), Ignazio Coppola – drums. Glenn put the spark in me a few years ago, telling me how much classic metal was alive in Europe. He was touring with the band Hirax at the time. I remember seeing photos of him at festivals in front of thousands of people, and thinking "I want that". So, when Julian approached me about reforming, I jumped at the chance.

2.         How did the collaboration with Italy’s Metal On Metal take place and how is it going so far?

- The band owes everything to guitarist Glenn Rogers. He started all communications with the label, and they have been all that we could've hoped for. They have given us nothing but support through the whole process and have gone far beyond any of our expectations. Our CD packet/design says everything, F-ing amazing!

3.         The new album “A Time Of Crisis” was just released. Tell us a little bit about the whole process (composing, recording, production).

- When vocalist Julian Mendez approached me about doing a few local live (California) shows, I couldn't say yes fast enough! I already had the idea in my head because long time friend guitarist Glenn Rogers had been touring with the band HIRAX, and he told me that a HERETIC reunion would do great in Europe. From the beginning, we knew we had a special chemistry that was going to be something incredible. The first thing I did was start writing new songs, and before I knew it, we were recording "A Time Of Crisis" The songs came together very fast. We recorded the CD in three sessions, three weekends to be exact. We would pick three or four at a time (whatever we could afford) and blast out everything in a few days. This would not have been possible without our brilliant producer John Haddad. John brought out the best in everyone. We have all been through the meat grinder, so we knew what was at stake. The professionalism with this group of musicians really shines on each of these tracks.  

4.         Traditional Heavy Metal is not exactly trendy these days. Although Heretic has some back history, it is nonetheless an Underground band. Metal On Metal is also an Underground label run by two Metal fans. This is a labor of love, so to speak. What are your thoughts on the current Hard ‘N’ Heavy scene? Are there any new bands that you like or you just stay faithful to the old school stuff?

- I still listen to Priest, Maiden, Motorhead, Sabbath, UFO, Scorpions and Accept, but I also like Mastodon, Slipknot, In Flames and Machine Head, to name a few. I listen to all kinds of music, the Beatles to Dead Can Dance.

5.         The lyrics are always an important part of Heavy Metal. Would you like to highlight and explain some of the lyrics in “A Time Of Crisis”?

- Most songs deal with everyday life, and the consequences of our actions. The lyrics deal with war, the world economy, government control, personal freedoms, religious fanatics and greed. It is a look in the mirror for mankind.

6.         Is there a tour already aligned to promote this record?

- We are in the process of putting together tour dates preceding our 2013 performance at Germany’s Headbangers Open Air festival. Several other irons are in the fire but I don’t want to speak too soon.

7.         What are your plans for the nearest future?

- I'm already deep into writing the next CD, so the rest of the boys better be ready to stick around for awhile. We will play shows locally in California, and get ready for 2013.
8.         Thanks a lot for your time. Do you want to leave a final message to the Portuguese Metal fans?

- Thank you for the interview. I hope all the Portuguese Metal fans will check us out and enjoy our music.

Interview by: Ricardo dSdS
Answers by: Brian Korban (guitar) / / /

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