Phobia (Shane Mclachlan) - Interview October 2012

1.       The new record, “Remnants Of Filth”, is pretty much a Grindcore / Crust record, no holds barred, no experimentalisms or crossovers into other genres, but it doesn’t sound as you’re in a sort of “automatic pilot” that so many bands fall in. It really sounds fresh, heartfelt and genuine. How do you manage, after so many years of Phobia, to keep that freshness and vitality of a rookie band?

I really think because we still believe in what we do, everything I do is sincere, I live my life and face the challenges that I am put up against, and then I put it to paper, to me that’s the only way to be real and in this band!! I also think we just do what we do, we don’t fix what isn’t broken, you know? 
2.       I really like this clean and powerful sound in “Remnants Of Filth”, contrary to most Grind / Crust recordings that are just plain disgusting and you don’t really manage to listen to it properly which, I got to be honest, put me off. Can you tell us a little bit about the recording process and production of the album?

Yeah, I think most bands in a lot of places don’t mind bad production, who wants to listen to something that sounds like shit? Have a just became an adult and now want good production? Hahahaahh!!!  When your doing a record and work with Scot Hull, he is good at what he does, he works well with us, and his name is on the line as well, so I really wanted the songs to be herd and really be brutal at the same time as having good sound to it, you know?
The recording process is pretty much the same as it has been, ill write a lot and come into the studio semi prepared, we actually write a lot in the studio, I like the pressure, being on the spot, let it all come out and it will work out fine!

3.       The lyrics are, as always, an important part of your work. Can you lead us into a quick explanation of some of the lyrics included in “Remnants Of Filth”, perhaps starting with the album title?

Yes they are very important to me, I have always been very passionate about my lyrics, and I think that people get that, you know? Im glad that people like you notice, awesome!  “Remnants of filth“ is a very therapeutic record, its about tragedies in the past and to not make the same mistakes again in my life! I want to be a better person, want to be a better father, son and I have lived a life of fucking chaos, hahah, and I don’t want it anymore!!
We have songs like filthy fucking punks, about childhood and just being a punk, I still am punk rocker, its what I believe in 100%, we have songs about all sorts of elements on the record, it has come a long way and everything just fell into place while the recording was happening!

4.       Some people don’t actually give an importance to the lyrics and just want to listen to the music. But some people do care about the lyrics. I, for instance, listen to some Christian / White Metal bands because I like their music, although I’m an atheist. The same with the so-called Satanist and/or occultist bands. It just doesn’t matter to me because it does not affect or shock me at all. But I do have a certain disdain for NS bands and don’t want to listen or buy their stuff. That kind of message does affect me. I don’t like or agree with it. Where do you suppose we can draw the line where it is just freedom of speech and it is plain dangerous and starts interfering with our beliefs and/or political ideas?

Yes, I agree with you 100% some music you take serious and some music you enjoy! I have been vegetarian for 22 years and believe in it, but I do listen to some black metal, and some bands that advocate the slaughter of animals, or killing, but that’s there deal, I know where I stand with my politics and belief system! We can draw the line for sure, were not little kids anymore, we are adults and need to be smart about our opinions and views! Music is entertainment!!!
5.       How do you see the Punk, Hardcore and Metal scenes nowadays? Are there any new bands that you’re paying attention to?

I like the scene much longer ago, back when I got into it. Before Internet, back when people were pen pals and writing and sharing tapes and demo’s and all that! I think the scene now is to spoiled and kids want everything now…I miss the old days! I still listen to pretty much old school music, punk, death metal and rock and roll!

6.       I’m a music nerd so I always like to pose this type of questions. What are your favorite albums and that you would recommend to everybody into Punk / Crust / Metal?

I like discharge, avskum, anti cimex, possessed, new model army, judas priest and saxon, anything by these I would always say is good, hahahaha!!!    

7.       Having such a long career, you experienced a little bit of everything in the music industry. From the tape-trading era to this mp3 file-sharing; from the traditional labels to the digital labels; from good will people to the malicious bastards… How do you see the evolution of music industry and the future for it?

Like I said in the past question I like the old days much better, more integrity and passion!

8.       There is a tour already aligned to promote this record. How is it going so far?

Yeah we have done some touring earlier this year, and we will tour again in a week, it has been great!

9.       What are your plans for the future?

Keep grinding my friend, as long as we believe in it, we will do it, grind fucking heads in!

10.   That’s all for now. Thanks a lot for your time. Do you want to leave a final message to the Portuguese grinders?

Thank you for this interview and your support and hope to see all you grinders again soon!

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