Vile (Colin Davis) - Interview October 2012

1.      The new record, “Metamorphosis”, was released in Europe, back in January, by Willowtip / Hammerheart (in Europe). How has the reaction been so far?

Well the album has received a lot of great reviews so far.  Some people were a little confused because the album is a bit different from other Vile releases in some ways, but overall the response has been quite positive.

2.      Hammerheart is also releasing the CD “Rare Tracks 1996-2004”. Can you tell us a little bit about this release?

Since both Juan, the original singer and myself are recording engineers, we always recorded  pre-production demos before we released albums or after new songs were written.  The first 2 demos were released on cassette tape in the late 90’s but have not been released since and the others were never released.  I also have a lot of live material that was never released, so this CD is of all of the old material that was recorded with the original line-ups before Juan left the band in 2005, re-mastered at my CD mastering studio Imperial Mastering.

3.      You just finished a European tour, how did it go? Unfortunately Vile did not play here in Portugal on this tour!

Yes, we just got back from Europe last week.  It was great fun and was a good thing to do because its been 6 years since we have toured Europe.  Its true Portugal was not in the tour this time, but it was just 16 dates this time.  The tour was a lot of fun and we had some great shows and played really well.  It was great promotion and a great warm up for more tours to come in 2013.   

4.      There have been some line-up changes in Vile and, nowadays, you’re only a duo. In this tour you’re playing with Finnish and Dutch musicians. Is it difficult for you find permanent musicians for the band? And how is it to play with session / tour musicians with whom you’re not really old friend?

I’ve been using session players for years and it has worked pretty well in the past, but this line-up is the best ever.  The musicians are all really great guys and we played better than probably any other tour we’ve done.  Because the band has been around for so long, its not that hard to find musicians, but there is always a concern when I’m searching because they need to be top-notch players.  I guess I am very careful because so far its always worked.  These latest guys are the best I have worked with though and so I’m really excited to go out with them again.   The current line- up included:  Hike Hrubovcak – Vocals (Monstrosity, Azure Emote USA), Colin Davis – Guitars ( Vile founding member USA), Thomas Luijken – Guitars ( Caedere – NL), Mike Poggione – Bass (Monstrosity USA), Timo Hakkinen- Drums (Sotajumala FIN)

5.      “Metamorphosis” seems to be an intriguing title. Can you lead us into a quick explanation of some of the lyrics included in this record, perhaps starting with the album title?

OK.  The album title refers to a fundamental change or paradigm shift.  The album art goes along with the title and sing lyrics as well.  All of the songs are about a change in human consciousness and about a shift from the current way of living to a new state of human consciousness.  March Towards The Dawn has positive lyrics that help to motivate people, The Revealing is about conspiracies and the opening of secret information to the public, What Lies Beyond is about spiritual evolution of the personal psyche, Rise is about revolution against the current power elite, I Am Alive is a tribute to Alex Jones, the film maker and radio host, Wolf At Your Door is about challenging the secret societies who corrupt societies, Shadow Work is influenced by Jungian psychology, Prophetic Betrayal is a fantasy about Illuminati bloodlines and history,  As One is again about Spiritual evolution and Redemption is an instrumental. 

6.      What are your plans for the nearest future?

We want to go back to Europe in early 2013, South America in the fall of 2013 and then US sometime soon too, as soon as something good is offered.  We are looking for management and booking agency deals because we really want to get out there and do a lot with this new release. 

7.      That’s all for now. Thanks a lot for your time. Do you want to leave a final message to the Portuguese headbangers?

Thanks for coming to see us in 2003 and 2006!  We appreciate your support over the years!  We will see you again soon I am sure.  Please keep in touch with us via facebook or our website!  Cheers!

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